Do you want to go through life with a deeper understanding of what’s happening and limitlessly influence this world?
Learn how to Think Meta
Coaching Dialogs
by eavesdropping in on
You will see how to improve the human experience using mind-shifts and witness examples of life-changing coaching dialogs
Whether you’re a practicing coach or just want to transform your own life, this FREE downloadable pdf will give you insights to help you achieve your goals
mindfulness during a variety of session types

how to work with metaphors and questions that change your client’s thinking

through resistance and misunderstanding during the session

your professional tool box
you’ll learn how to:
For practicing coaches and anyone who wants to become one,
your understanding of the problem with just one deep question

insights that inspire action

use the stories
of other people to more deeply understand the true cause of your own experiences
you’ll see how to:
For those who want to transform your way of thinking and change your life,
to feel better
We don't want love, deep down we just want to feel better.

We don't want wealth or recognition, deep down we just want to feel better.
Sometimes feeling better will mean not feeling pain, sometimes it’s feeling more secure or being able to share your life with someone else.
Whatever it is, it will always necessitate an improvement of your own emotional experience.
But the path to better emotional well-being can be so difficult that if you don’t know what to rely on along the way, you won’t make it.
Everything we do in our lives reflects only one simple motivation:
Let these dialogs be your support
This free pdf includes 10 coach-client dialogs with coaching questions from the Metacognitive programming coaching team.

These are real conversations where the coach helped the client solve a real problem:
  • dissatisfaction with life
  • experiencing difficult emotions
  • career or relationship deadlock
They will:
understand your situation and see how you create your reality through your thoughts
to accept what cannot be changed, and change what can no longer be tolerated
that you are not alone, and your problems are solvable
help you
give strength
coaching skills to help you guide your clients through emotions and limiting attitudes
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